108 Free Character Portraits

About a year ago, Nevermet Press backed a Kickstarter project led by Duane O’Brien and illustrator Jeff Preston titled “60 Terrible Character Portraits For Creative Commons Release.” The goal of the project was simply to create a large collection of generic character portraits that covered a broad array of genres for use with RPGs and other published media. It was a big success, and they raised almost twice the funds they initially asked for in the process.

The character portraits were released back in May and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.┬áThis basically means you are free to use the portraits shown below in any project you want, even for commercial purposes, so long as you credit Jeff and Duane. The entire collection is available from the project’s homepage on Kickstarter.com as a zipped archive – but you can check out individual images below.


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