Bad Ass Gaming (July RPG Blog Carnival)

The Unofficial Official RPG Blog Carnival


July is finally here and now it’s our turn to take stab at hosting and choosing the topic for this months’ RPG Blog Carnival. The topic?

What Makes a Roleplaying Game Bad Ass?


Yes. Allow me to explain. It’s a (sorta) funny story actually. We had originally planned on a more “serious” topic (read:boring?) – something about Technology & Your Game Table. That didn’t pan out. We all know Tech is here and Tech is going to continue to change just about every aspect of our table-top roleplaying games (eventually). It might have been cool to host a grand round up of all the cool, amazing, excellent, snazzy, wtf, befuddlingly awesome, “game changing” (lol) new kids on the block in technology. It might have been cool to have the RPG blogging community go to town on their latest technophile object du jour. Heck, we might have even learned something in the process! But, why do that, eh? I mean, we’re more likely to find out about the latest trinkets and gaming digital oddities through our social circles. That’s what Twitter is for anyway, right? Plus there’s plenty of posts about this topic (not to) recently - so, why belabor it anymore?

So instead, we decided on Bad Ass Gaming as the topic for this months carnival. I blame Cassey Toi for the change. We were chatting about this or that, and I mentioned that I would love to come down to South Africa to game with her and Jerall (her husband; they have a great RPG blog btw “Ten Letter“), and to that she responded

Cassey: Or a game of Badass ;) Either way if you do get to come one day, we’ll make sure that it’ll be hard to leave :) 

Wow! So cool! I could fly down to SA and have an instant gaming group. Made my day, but little did I know (!~stupid me~!) that she was talking about Stargazer Game’s recently published (free) game… wait for it… “BAD ASS“. It was too much – it just had to be the topic for the July carnival. Even the stars were involved!

So – here we are. This month I invite you and the rest of the RPG blogging community to share your thoughts on What Makes A Game Bad Ass? What, in your view, is the most Bad Ass game out — or ever!? What tweaks, mods, fixes have you houseruled to make your favorite games even more bad ass? Why is Savage Worlds so much more Bad Ass than [insert the rest]? =P And last, but not least, remember the last time you were explaining some new mechanic or story plot point to another gamer and they just simply said “Oh, that’s just Bad Ass!” What was it that was so Bad Ass?!

Post on your own blog and link back to this post. At the end of the month I’ll gather up and link back to all the participating blogs.  Don’t have a blog? No worries – leave a comment and start the chatter boxes!

Until next time — Cheers and game on!


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