Greetings from December 5th, 1920

I am one of the newest contributors at Nevermet Press and it is time for an introduction.

An unfortunate accident involving a time machine and a sledgehammer stranded me in 1920. Now (my now-now, not my going to be/was now) I am stuck playing -2 Edition. Humans have not really been fleshed out as a PC race, wizards explode if they botch a spell and tossing hog knuckles in a bowl is used to determine the outcome of battles.

Fortunately, included in the gunna transported with me was my trusty laptop (a Graystone Industries 9-inch, with Cyberdyne Processor and NCP Software – it’s very dependable). A thumb drive has been left/will be left in a time capsule. This will be found by a version of myself that is in my personal past before the entire time-machine incident and in my future, running down 90 years across “normal time.” On this thumb drive will be a catalog of files that my past/future self will post at the right time.

Things will be handled in this manner out of respect for the integrity of the time line, to avoid altering history. If caution is not exercised, strange things might happen, like, to pick something unlikely and at random, Curly might only appear in a few Three Stooges films, rather than every one ever made.

Got all that? Good.

The two versions of me have composed and posted three articles so far, “The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker” series. Here, in no particular order, are upcoming articles I will have/am going to be posted-ing:

  • Bottling Dreams: An article detailing several allowing dreams to be captured and stored in bottles. Dreams contained in this manner may be use to navigate the Land of Dreams, as patterns across the bottled dream point to the person who dreamt the dream. Dreams may be consumed as a narcotic and the dreams of eladrin and dragons are highly sought items, while the dreams of demons and devils are things of deep terror. Further, it is possible to use a bottled dream to communicate with a dreamer… possibly across years as well as miles.
  • Adventures in Business: A short and mostly no-nonsense article, which will provide rules and guidelines for PCs owning and operating a business of some kind in a 4E game, assuming the GM approves of such a situation. Anything from owning a tavern to a trading consortium is possible.
  • Powder Weapons: More or less what it says on the tin – rules and guidelines for using and employing pistols, rifles and blunderbusses in a 4E game, again assuming GM approval of such a situation. This is one area that surprisingly has not been covered by official 4E rules.
  • Four Humors: This article takes inspiration from the medieval concept of four bodily humors that governed health and personality. Wizards, and other users of arcane magic, cannot heal – but they can alter a target’s balance of humors. This article provides two or three rituals and three or four potions designed to alter the balance of a target’s bodily humors. Some of the alterations are temporary, some are permanent and some alterations are benign and some are malignant. Thematically speaking, this article is not about wizards healing people; it is about mad scientists creating supermen and monsters.
  • Gravesites: A reoccurring series, probably consisting of between 10 and 12 installments, which will provide locations and encounters relating to the dead, burials and related issues. Some sites include a small local cemetery, a shop owned and operated by gnomes who sell coffins (and are willing to smuggle people and items in a coffin) and a necropolis that runs under the city like the real world ones in Rome and Paris. Each installment will cover one such location or encounter.
  • Variations on a Theme: Another reoccurring set of articles, consisting of about six installments, where traditional races are revisited and stretched, both thematically and mechanically. For example, consider elves not as elderly, wise creatures of the forest but killer hippies.
  • Ouroboros University: A final reoccurring series, probably consisting of between 10 and 12 installments, which will provide locations and encounters related to an university. Consider that Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Paris were established in the Middle Ages – they have been part of the landscape for a long time. Further, fictional universities, such as Unseen University in the Discworld and Arkham University in the Call of Cthulhu setting, set a precedent for this sort of thing.
  • The Great Heist: At some point in the future (your future and my future future) I will work on a full-fledged adventure. Specially, an adventure modeled on the classic heist movies, such as the original Ocean’s 11, The Italian Job, The Great Train Robbery and similar flicks. The story of “The Great Heist” is that a mysterious third party hires the PCs to rob the national mint of a rapacious and mercenary nation. This requires PCs employ finesse and deception, as attempting to simply kick the doors in will get them massacred by the country’s army.
  • A Dark Place: Even further into the future (your future future and my future future future) is an adventure whose tone is something like a cross between the movie Inception, the crueler episodes of the Twilight Zone and the artwork of M.S. Escher.

This does not include the occasional ranting and raving column.

Edited by Charles Dickey

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