Krampus is Coming Back… in a Carnival!

The Krampus Christmas Carnival Has Begun!
Click Here For Details + Artwork!

Krampus Yuletide, by Rob Torno

Krampus Yuletide, by Rob Torno

Krampus,  by Matthew Meyer

Krampus Kicking Ass, by Matthew Meyer

For the last few years two artists (Matthew Meyer and Rob Torno) who work with Nevermet Press have produced illustrations that featured Krampus, Santa’s punisher, in one form or another. You can check out previous year’s art on the right.

This year you might be… nay, should be… wondering if we’re going to have another Krampus? Well, as you can tell from this post’s title, the answer is a resolute “YES!” and “It’s a Carnival!“. This year I’ve partnered with artist Steven Austin to do a badass steampunk Santa Claus and Krampus Christmas mashup.

It is downright kickass.

What’s even better is that Steven will be releasing the artwork under a Creative Commons License. Now there’s some legalize! What this basically means is once we release the artwork here at Nevermet Press you will be free to download and reuse the art for your own non-commercial purposes so long as you give Steven Austin credit for his hard work and share the artwork as well. You’ll also be free to remix the art, make derivatives of it, and basically post to your blog, website, or Facebook page with no copyright issues. To encourage people to reuse the art, we will be releasing the art along with the complete Photoshop files too, with all the layers intact, so that you can really “have your way with it”.

Steampunk Santa, Cropped from "Krampus Christmas" by Steven Austin

Steampunk Santa, by Steven Austin

It’s a Krampus Christmas Carnival!

Here’s the best part: Starting the week of December 19th – we’re starting a Krampus Christmas Carnival!

After we publish Steven Austin’s Krampus Christmas here at Nevermet Press – over 20 other blogs and websites from all over the gaming and publishing interwebs will be joining us to help promote some Seasonal Cheer and give people something that says “Wow – that’s bad ass!”. We also want to bring some fresh light back on the age-old tradition of Krampus. Why? Because he rocks – and lumps of coal just don’t cut it!

Over 20 blogs? Who’s participating?

Doomed Children, Cropped from "Krampus Christmas" by Steven Austin

Doomed Children, by Steven Austin

So far I have confirmed the participation of the following gaming and steampunk blogs and websites:, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Open Design and Kobold Quarterly, ENWorld, Airship Ambassador, Overbury Ink, OM Grey, Dr. Fantastique’s Show of Wonders,, Troll in the Corner, Game Knight Reviews, Skyland Games,, Campaign Mastery, Reality Refracted, Tenkar’s Tavern, Mad Brew Labs, Enderra, Sea of Stars RPG, and The Grumpy Celt.

We’re hoping that you will join us too.

If you want to join in – just leave a comment on this post and watch our blog in the next week. Post something – anything related to Krampus – and we’ll link back to your blog in the round up! Snap, simple, done.

Spilling Toys, Cropped from "Krampus Christmas" by Steven Austin

Spilling Toys, by Steven Austin

How should you participate? That’s up to you. I can tell you that here at Nevermet Press, beyond Steven Austin’s awesome artwork, we are having a short story on Krampus, a 4E D&D encounter with Krampus, and an essay on why Krampus matters published.

Plus, anyone who publishes Steven Austin’s artwork or participates in the Krampus Christmas week will be included and linked to as part of our Carnival Round up on Christmas Day. It’s going to be a fun week!

So – you’re probably wondering now: where’s the artwork? Well – it will be released on December 19th to the general public. Also, if you sign up for Nevermet Press Insider by December 16th, you’ll get early access to the artwork (and the photoshop files). For now – here are some teasers along the right – all cropped from the larger image. Krampus? He’s below…

Krampus, Cropped from "Krampus Christmas" by Steven Austin

Krampus, Cropped from “Krampus Christmas” by Steven Austin

The full image puts all these together in one huge full-page illustration. It’s gorgeous – so stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Krampus is Coming Back… in a Carnival!

  1. I worked with Steve on the Game of King’s project earlier this year and to say he is an amazing artist and a joy to work with would be an understatement.
    A very talented fellow and I wait with bated breath to view the Krampus Christmas.

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