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The Action Point is this month’s RPG Blog Carnival host, and the topic is “New Year, New Game.” While we already posted some announcements about Nevermet Press’s plans for the year, this doesn’t really count towards my own personal plans for gaming in 2011. We rarely post on NMP along personal lines, but I’ll today take the bait.

For 2011, I have three gaming related resolutions:

  1. Run a new Savage Worlds game co-GM’d with my wife.
  2. Go to a gaming convention and play or run a game there.
  3. Play at least one new roleplaying game I’ve never played before.

By some accounts these are pretty low expectations, but with family, work, and Nevermet Press, it’s amazing how difficult even the most basic activities of “the hobby” can be.

Resolution #1: A New Game—A New Campaign

Savage Worlds. Ah, I’ll skip the proselytizing and just skip to the summary: Savage Worlds kicks ass. For every game I’ve played, for any genre, we’ve had a blast playing it. This year I’m going to redouble my efforts and launch a new campaign set in Rassilon, the viking-inspired fantasy campaign world of Hellfrost. For fans of D&D: think “A dark, gritty Forgotten Realms using Savage Worlds” (although this will no doubt make the designers of Hellfrost groan). For an excellent series review of Hellfrost’s core books, drop by The Dice of Life.

Why Hellfrost? Well, for one it’s a tight setting where campaigns can be run with minimal prep time. Seeing as I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to referee this campaign together with my wife, it’s a good fit. She’s a fan of Savage Worlds, but like me she doesn’t have oodles of time to build a vast homebrew campaign. Together, we should be able to run a solid bi-weekly game, and it’s my hope that we’ll be able to bring at least one new player to the table who has never played Savage Worlds before.

Resolution #2: A New Game—Convention Gaming

synDCon II, April 1 - 3, 2011, Rockville, MD

From the “perspective” of Nevermet Press, we need to be going to conventions. From my own perspective, the idea of playing games at a convention freaks me out a little. Not that I’m averse to gaming with “strangers,” but it just goes against the grain of how I think about “the game table.” I’m used to a quiet, controlled environment for gaming: a friend’s house, my dining room, a room at a library, etc. Those are the places I’ve always gamed in the past. To be honest, I’ve never been to a convention, let alone played or run a game at one. Dropping down some dice and roleplaying amidst throngs of other gamers seems counter to “relaxing” or “fun.” But heck, thousands of people game this way, so I’ve just got to trust the community and dive in. Nonetheless, I think this is an important step for NMP, and for myself as a gamer in general, so I’m going to jump in and give it a shot. Fortunately, synDCon II is coming in April (see inset logo), and being that I live in Rockville, Maryland, it’s a no-brainer for us to set up at the con and try to have some kind of presence there. Charles Dickey and I may very well end up running a few short demo games of  Dead Queens of Morvena, and I’m hoping to get in some games as a player as well. I mean—it’s never too late to try something new, right?

Resolution #3: A New Game—Diaspora, Anyone?

OK, I must try at least one new RPG this year. Perhaps Resolution #2 will help that be a reality, but what I really want to try playing is Diaspora—or frankly any FUDGE/FATE-based game. I bought the Diaspora rulebook from VSCA about a month ago and reading it blew my mind. I would LOVE to try this game; it’s a story game (read: very little crunch), which is something I’ve always wanted to give a shot. What I love about Diaspora in particular is the way the designers set up the world creation and character generation steps of the game to be part of the game; i.e. your first session is ideally one where everyone collaboratively builds the campaign universe (your star cluster; Diaspora is a hard-science fiction game) and then you collaboratively design your characters. Again, I have not played it, but I’m dying to give it a shot. If that is not in the cards, then another close second would be Dogs in the Vineyard.

Well, that’s about it for me. What about you? What kinds of gaming resolutions, if any, have you thought about for this year? Care to put them writing? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Justin – thanks for stopping by!

    If you are interested – stop by Pinnacle’s website and grab the free Savage Worlds Test Drive rules. Their downloads page also have free adventures and tons of other genre/game specific goodies.

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