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Here’s a glimpse at some of the personalities being developed for Schattenkrieg. Several of these characters are intended to be pre-generated characters for players. You’ll notice that in Schattenkrieg, the origin of supers using alternate identities actually stems from the tactical practice of using callsigns when communicating over radio:

Callsign: Cinder

Sgt. Burgess is massive man, towering nearly seven feet tall and weighing several hundred pounds. Burgess hails from New Orleans where he made money wrestling alligators for a side show. In addition to Cinder’s superhuman strength, he has been possessed by a Voodoo spirit.

When the spirit is allowed control, it gives Cinder the ability to invoke balefire; causing his dark forearms to begin to to glow like embers and his eyes to smoke. Cinder can launch flaming projectiles from his hand while the possessing spirit is loosened and his strikes inflict additional damage. Unfortunately, the possessing spirit sometimes doesn’t care if it’s striking at friend or foe.

Callsign: Lazarus

Lt. Anderson was actually killed in an explosion when his unit came into contact with doppelgänger survivors inside a crashed UFO. Lt. Anderson was covered in what appeared to be coolant from a pipe ruptured during fire fight. While doused with the viscous liquid, Lt. Anderson was struck by an alien energy weapon and promptly caught fire, burning the flesh clean off his bones in a matter of minutes.

His remains were recovered and placed in a body bag to be shipped home for burial, but Lt. Anderson’s body regenerated during the trip and awakened to find himself trapped inside the bag. Since then, Lt. Anderson has been shot in the head by a sniper, jumped on exploding grenades, and even been blown up by a panzerfaust only to recover within hours (or days in the case of the rocket propelled grenade).

Callsign: Sol

Sol is a nearly omnipotent being that volunteered to allow the American OSRD study him in their burgeoning genetics research in order to provide an Allied answer to the German Über Soldat. Sol wields very the power of the stars, but is vulnerable to gold; which was discovered by the scientists conducting the research.

Now, the OSRD is attempting to harness and direct Sol’s nearly limitless power in the form of a giant artillery canon. Unfortunately, the program has bound Sol to a cold lab table with golden shackles against his will; constantly probing and poking his body with their golden surgical implements. The process is driving Sol insane.

Callsign: White Noise

A ghost in the radio. White Noise is permanently incorporeal and works for America, but has no restraint. His real identity is classified. White Noise projects sonic energy from radios to stun and sometimes kill. It is believed that White Noise can listen to any radio broadcast within 100 miles of his location.

Callsign: Wraith 03

Private Jasinski was one of seven volunteers who survived one of the more successful government programs to engineer Extraordinary soldiers. The Wraith program actually experimented with drowning victims in ectoplasm harvested from a spectre the military had managed to trap in a containment unit during the Great War.

During the containment of the spectre, a Marine was engulfed ectoplasm from the spirit’s attack. The Marine was also paralyzed by the spectre’s cold grasp and asphyxiated before the ectoplasm could be removed from his nose and mouth. Luckily, he was promptly revived by the unit Corpsman, but found he would sometimes slip from reality, allowing him to see into the world of the dead.

The OSRD tried to reproduce the effect, hoping it would allow soldiers to gain intelligence on enemy positions by seeing through the physical world. The program discovered that applying the same process (death induced by class IV spectres), yielded different results with different people. Wraith 03 gained the ability to become incorporeal by entering the realm of the dead. This means he can avoid enemy troops while still being able to observe them, but the Underworld is not without it’s own dangers.

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  1. Awesome stuff here – these guys really fit well. I’m constantly reminded of Hellboy and Doctor Manhattan, and I’d like to see some more like them (though perhaps not working for the Allies, just for variety).
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