Spirits of the Fetherruin: Gnyan

According to Carol Rose’s encyclopedia, gnyan are “disease spirits” from Tibetan folklore. They live in “trees and stones”. In the Fetherruin, gnyans inhabit crafted stonework and are able to infect the living with a peculiar kind of fatal illness, considered and treated as a curse by priests. A new Professional Edge, Spirit Vanquisher, is presented below the monster description. Content design and description by Charles Dickey. Art by J. Lonnee.

A gnyan's horrific projection bursts forth from stonework

A gnyan's horrific projection bursts forth from stonework


A gnyan is an etherial spirit that inhabits crafted stonework. It may be summoned by rituals and placed in a specific structure, or it may be attracted to a certain place and attach itself there. Gnyans often settle into grotesque statues or buildings with strange angles. Many ruins attract gnyans as well. Victims of a gnyan suffer from an insomnia that exhausts them unto death. Popular belief holds that this is due to the fearsome and nightmarish phantasms conjured up by these spirits.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6

Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d10, Notice d8, Stealth d8, Throwing d8

Pace: 6, Fly 4; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5;

Special Abilities:

Ghost Claw: Spirit + d4. This attack can only be used while using its horrific projection. Anyone damaged by this attack runs the risk of receiving a curse of fatal restlessness (see below).

Ethereal Spirit: As ethereal spirits, gnyans have 20 power points to use on the powers elemental manipulation, horrific projection, pummel, temperature change, and telekenesis. Ethereal spirits cannot be harmed by normal physical attacks, although they are affected by magical items, magical weapons, and supernatural or magical powers. They are immaterial, and can pass through walls at will.

Curse of Fatal Restlessness: Anyone Shaken or wounded by a gnyan’s ghost claw must make a Vigor roll. Failure indicates that the PC has been infected by a curse that carries a fatal restlessness of the mind and body. The victim no longer has a desire to sleep, and could not sleep even if he tried. After 24 hours, the usual rules for sleep deprivation apply with the following exceptions. The required Vigor roll does not carry a cumulative penalty. In addition, instead of becoming Incapacitated, the character is “Running on Empty” and suffers a -4 on all Trait rolls until the curse is lifted. Failing any Vigor roll while Running on Empty, for any reason, results in death. A curse of fatal restlessness curse can be lifted by successfully casting succor, or similar spell, on the victim and removing all Fatigue levels. The only other way is to successfully caste remove curse on the victim. Characters who die from this curse must be buried within one day, or they too become gnyans inhabiting the nearest building.

Fear: Once visible, a gnyan causes an immediate Guts check for any living creature who sees it. Those who fail their Guts check must roll on the Fear Table in the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition rulebook.

Fearless: Gnyans are immune to Fear effects and cannot be Intimidated.

Fly: Gnyans have the ability to fly with a Pace of 4.

Infravision: Gnyans are rooted in the Second Hell and while in the Middle Realm are visually sensitive only to heat impressions. They ignore penalties for Dark or Dim lighting when attacking living targets.

Hard of Hearing (Deaf): Gnyans are rooted in the Second Hell and are unable to hear any sounds within the Middle Realm. Gnyans automatically fail any Notice roll that depends on hearing. They also cannot be communicated with using spoken words.

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