The Trivium Proportion, Part 6 (A Cyberpunk Tale), by David Phillips

Gets a grip

Go to sleep (By CE Zacherl)

A set of guttural laughs punctuated the late night silence.  The stillness of the air was given a wafting cigar smoke addendum.  The swishing of rocks on glass added percussion to the laughter.  The shiny plate of Representative Arthur Bachman titled the setting of the late night meeting.

Jarred listened only half heartedly at first, still thinking of his last date with Kayla.  She was a convincing woman.  After all, she drove into his head that he should ‘keep his ears open’ while working late in the night.

So here Jarred was.  Stereotypical spy tales always showed the spy masquerading as this stereotypical job that Jarred enjoyed doing day in and day out.  The only awkwardness was that janitorial work was Jarred’s primary duty, and the spying was just something he was doing on the sly.

The voice from the office carried into the hallway.  “I was a little surprised.”

The other voice in the office responded.  “A director from the FDA?”

“Those guys are usually blinded, their heads are so far up your asses.”

“Well, this one wanted to get tossed away with no key to the gate.”

“The other Oathed Technocrats will owe us a favor if things keep going this way.”

“That would be unexpected, but it wouldn’t be turned away!”

Jarred perked up and nearly pushed on the mop so hard that it slid out of his grip.  He barely caught the edge of the wooden handle before it tumbled to the ground and drew the attention of the office residents.  Kayla would want to know about this.  Either the congressman or the one he is talking to are part of the Oathed Technocrats.

And after Jarred walked out of hearing range, Representative Bachman said to his associate, “The resistance has already started to do its part, they spliced that intranet.”  He audibly filled his lungs to capacity with the sweet cigar smoke.

Kayla and another young member of the resistance, Wendell, followed Jarred into the levels of the skyscraper that were off limits at this time of night.  Jarred’s key card let him in at all hours to do his cleaning duties, though usually his trips were solitary excursions.

The two followed Jarred’s cues, who knew the guards’ patrol patterns fairly well.  Jarred also knew the staff that tended to work into the night and when those people normally went home.

At two intersections, they waited for employees to pass out of sight, and one other Jarred was forced to improvise a distraction.  The three of them arrived at Representative Bachman’s office.

Fortunately for the crew, congressmen were so old school, they still used a lot of hand written devices to keep track of their work, including calendars.  Rifling through the Representative’s appointment book revealed the guest he met with the previous night: Mr. Gary Jones.

Evidence under Representative Bachman’s desk revealed more.  Unless there was some very kinky hanky panky, it was obvious that the two men were not alone, the night they met.

Even in this situation, the revelation took Jarred’s mind to places it shouldn’t go.  It was drawn back to reality by a low buzzing in his ear.

Apple spoke to them via small wifi receiver ear buds, “You’ve got adds! OAO.”

Kayla and Wendell looked to Jarred for clarification and he barely whispered, “Adds…  Incoming people.”

They heard whistling and heavy clacking footsteps of… business casual loafers, rather than combat boots.  Jarred ducked behind the desk while Wendell and Kayla went to opposite sides of the door.  Kayla flipped to the section of the appointment book for today and blanched.

Representative Arthur Bachman entered the office.  His whistling continued up until the moment that Kayla stepped in front of him, and right before he could speak, Wendell wrapped one big arm around his throat and put him in a head lock.

Kayla got close up to the face of Rep. Bachman.  “Well well.  You’ve come for your appointment.  How nice.  How about we refocus your meeting to a new topic tonight?”

Bachman was making a strange hacking sound, Wendell eased his arm back a bit.  It then became apparent, Bachman was laughing.

“Resistance members I assume?  Or are you some petty trans-humanist terrorists looking to further the greater human condition?”  He smiled and then wretched as Wendell tightened the head lock again.

Kayla launched into a deluge of questions as Wendell loosened his grasp and let go completely.  In an instant, a woman shimmered out of nothingness to Bachman’s left flank.  She was wearing a strange, reflective looking outfit, and she held a massive dirk.

The scene was too chaotic to focus on the magically appearing woman as Bachman took a step to her side and Wendell collapsed to the ground, the back of his head and shoulders sliding off in a different direction from the remainder of his body.  Blood was absent for almost a split second and then started to fill the doorway.

“Holy fuck!”  Kayla looked on in shock.  Jarred was frightened.

A super loud buzzing sound pierced both Jarred’s and Kayla’s ears.  It was Apple.  “GTFO!”

Jarred summoned all the strength he could muster.

“Looks like I’ll be asking the questi…” Bachman started but was interrupted by the office chair flying toward him from across the room.

The dirk carrying woman stepped in front of the congressman as the lights to the room went out.  Jarred thanked Apple for her quick cutting of the power.  He grabbed Kayla’s arm and they both leapt over the body of Wendell.  Their shoes were slick with blood.

The initial move down the hallway was a slide rather than a step.

Jarred turned one way and pointed the way towards the exit, “I’m supposed to be working tonight.  Head that way.”

Kayla nodded, still in shock.

Jarred just went round the corner and Kayla took her first steps towards the exit when one of the security guards stepped between her and freedom.

She did not have long to think and not long to react.  That was probably a boon, in her state of shock, adrenaline forced action.  Instinct was there and so was her training.

The man was bigger than her, not a monstrosity, but certainly large enough to be a security guard.  He reached out with his stunner as he saw her rounding the corner, but her hand was faster than his arm.  The stunner did go off into the far wall, but her pointed hand jabbed him in his unarmored throat.

As the guard leaned over, dropped the stunner, and grabbed his throat, Kayla’s knees cracked up into the man’s crotch.  He started to keel over and Kayla finished him off with a double elbow to the back.

Jarred breathed heavily and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his towel.  He pushed his cart out of the closet, and trying to look casual but he simply panicked from all the chaos going on.

“I would have liked to question one of them.  I suppose a post mortem is the best I’ll get tonight.”  Bachman pressed out the wrinkles in his suit.  “Give the specialists a call.  Oh and call that Detective who arrested the FDA director.  He might prove useful.”

Detective Tyrone Higgins entered the skyscrapers political chambers.  That’s strange.  There was a streak of blood headed in and out of the janitorial closet.



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  1. That was suspenseful!
    Like I said before, I don’t know some of these acronynms or jargon but I knew GTFO! Thanks Apple! Anxiously awaiting Part 7!

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