Things to Love, Things to Hate: February RPG Blog Carnival

Illustration © 2011, Rob Torno

Illustration © 2011, Rob Torno

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February belongs to Cupid – it’s a month of love and lust, want and wonder. On the flip side, it’s also a month of scorn, disappointment, and frustration for some (and we  pity them all too). So, being that we’re all gamers and we all love our RPGs to death – the topic for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is “Things to Love, Things to Hate!” 

The possible things we could explore that we love and hate about our hobby could go on forever. So, let’s keep things focused on Game Systems and/or Adventures we love or hate, and why. Some quick suggestions might include

  • What are the best adventures made of? What about the worst of them?
  • What kills an adventure before it even gets off the ground?
  • Some say it’s all a matter of opinion, but I say some game systems are clearly just better than others (read:more fun to play). What’s your favorite system? What are the things you love about it most? WHY?
  • With [insert new edition of some cool game] on the horizon, I’m sure you have an opinion  regarding what the next edition should or shouldn’t be once it’s out. Share your thoughts. Let your readers know where you stand and who you love!

So, go forth and blog it out. Just make sure to link back here or to leave a comment so that I can include you in the end-of-the-month round up too! If you don’t have a blog of your own, but have a burning desire to get something off your chest, why not guest blog on Nevermet Press? A carnival is a great way to start – heck, the topic is already picked out for you! =D

And… while you’re waiting for the RPG blogging community to response – why not check out last month’s carnival: “Fantastic Locations” hosted by Keith Davies. Over 40 (!) posts on new made-of-awesome places to set your adventures. What an amazing response! Nice work Keith!

Want to host a future month of the carnival? Check out the archive and sign up there.

25 thoughts on “Things to Love, Things to Hate: February RPG Blog Carnival

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  9. I posted my blog post for this months carnival here. Long story short, I like simplicity in my game systems and shorter, related adventures. Most of this is because the amount of time I have to spend on RPGs is shockingly limited these days.

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