The Hidden Kingdom Released! (4E D&D)


We are very happy to announce that our first print offering, Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom, is now available! The Hidden Kingdom is 110-page 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure setting for 5th level characters. Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom will be available in retail stores in January, but you don’t have to wait!

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Fans on Facebook and followers of our blog can order direct starting today! Plus, as an exclusive bonus to our fans, if you snap a pic of Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom and post to our Facebook fan page wall before December 15th – we’ll send you a copy of the PDF eBook for FREE! All you have to do is…

  1. Order Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom in PRINT.
  2. Snap a picture of the book – in your yard, in your hand, with your dice… whereever! The crazier the better! Make it funny!
  3. Post your picture of Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom to our Facebook fan page wall.

That’s it! Just post the snapshot by December 15th – and you will get an email with an exclusive link to a free copy of the PDF. But… it get’s better! The person who takes the most laughable snapshot of our book will also get a free copy of either Open Game Table Volume 1 or 2 (their choice) in PRINT for free! Snap!

What is Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom? Check out the back cover of the book and find out! If that’s not enough, hop over here and check out the previews.


Now go get your game and roll some dice!

11 thoughts on “The Hidden Kingdom Released! (4E D&D)

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  3. Well, since I spoke up in this space some time ago as a volunteer playtester / proofreader for this adventure setting, I figured I should chime in with a few words!

    This is a really well-put together product, and I’m basing that on the rough, unfinished version that I reviewed in PDF format, not even the polished, printed copy that I’m sure will be even better. If you’re looking for a slightly spooky “creeping menace” adventure setting, this is a cool way to go.

    I’ll be writing a full review on my blog once I’ve had a chance to go over the finished product, but I was very pleased with the version that I saw. Definitely worth checking out!

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  5. @ODM — your comments during playtesting were fantastic. Can’t wait to see your review. I’d also like to thank Christian M., Alex P. and his Wednesday Knights gaming group for playtesting THK before we released it. We incorporated many of the comments in a revision before releasing it (not to mention gave you guys cred’ in the frontmatter of the book). We are super stoked this is out the door – and hopefully this is just the start of more awesome sauce to come from NMP in the future.

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