Undead of the Fetherruin: Boneless

Dead Queens of Morvena features some undead creatures your gaming group probably hasn’t encountered before. Meet the boneless, the undead version of nasty, intelligent puddings and slimes. Art by Kenya Ferrand. Monster description and stats by Charles Dickey, after the “Boneless” entry in Carol Rose’s Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins.

Boneless consist of a hodge-podge of decaying, festering, and mummified flesh. They move by writhing and slithering across floors, walls, and ceilings. Their sole means of attack is to attempt to engulf their opponents by momentum and brute force.

Boneless reside in the second hell, but are on occasion found along game trails in the Fetherruin on a foggy night, or in a bog. Boneless also respond to summoning.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d6

Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d8, Stealth d4

Pace:Parry:Toughness: 11

Special Abilities:

  • Armor +1: Leathery flesh (already factored in)
  • Easy Mover: Boneless have uncanny traction over Difficult Ground, which is crossed at a normal Pace, rather than half-Pace.
  • Engulf: Boneless attack by attempting to engulf their enemies. The creature throws its body at its target; on a successful hit, the target takes 1d10 damage and has been grappled. On a raise, the target is treated as prone as well as grappled for purposes of further attacks by the boneless.
  • Fear: Boneless are horrific, seething masses of putrid flesh, and they stink terribly; all characters who encounter a boneless must make a Guts check; failure requires a roll on the Fear Effects table.
  • Fearless: Boneless are immune to Fear effects and cannot be Intimidated, although they may be affected by Taunt.
  • Hardy: Since they are soft masses of decaying flesh with no nerves, a decisive blow is needed to put a Boneless down. If Shaken, further Shaken results do not cause a Wound; only a damage roll that scores success with a raise or better may Incapacitate a Boneless.
  • Size +2: Large; opponents gain +2 on any attack roll; +2 Toughness (already factored in).
  • Undead: +2 to Toughness, +2 to recover from being Shaken. Called shots do no extra damage.
  • Wall Walker: Boneless can slither across walls and ceilings as easily as they slither across the ground. Boneless only need make Climbing rolls in the most adverse situations, and their Pace remains the same regardless of whether they are crawling over horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or inverted surfaces.

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